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Cloud is for everyone

Georg explains why everybody can use cloud services and what amazing things you can do with them.

We at adconova believe in multi cloud strategy, let’s have a thought about this…

When talking about cloud the first thing that comes into our minds are professional IT solutions as part of cloud consulting for huge companies. And to be fair this is usually the scenario.

The cloud has several advantages for companies. First, the cloud is more affordable than traditional IT infrastructure. Second, the cloud is more flexible and allows for more rapid deployment of new applications and services. Third, the cloud is more scalable and can be easily expanded to meet the needs of a growing business. Finally, the cloud is more secure than traditional IT infrastructure, making it a good choice for businesses that handle sensitive data.

Let’s think about the first aspect and another target group: The generation of today are either the cloud customers or the cloud users of tomorrow. For younger people, cloud services can provide them with access to a variety of applications and services that they would otherwise not have. This can include things like social media, gaming, and education applications. Some years ago, it was difficult to host simple applications on a free basis. For students who just started their IT journey hosting game servers, applications, databases or scripts was expensive. Just a simple website one could get for free. Nowadays as the technology evolves and the clouds became popular, they provide the free tier. Students can try out services or even host simple things for their purpose: Simple database? DynamoDB or Firebase! Website? No problem with static web apps in Azure! And all the other things like small VMs or Functions-as-a-Service.

To sum the things up: Cloud is great… For everyone. No matter if you are a company or a student there is a service and there is a cloud that suits your needs.